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The Concept

Wine inspired by the myth


The legend of Amethyst comes from a Greek myth. Dionysus, the god of wine and drunkeness, was angered one day by an insult, uttered by a mortal. He swore revenge on the next man who would cross his path. He created wild tigers, which were to fulfill his vow of revenge. But here's what happened - the innocent Amethyst, maiden beauty, who would give thanks to the goddess Diana. Diana turned it into a quartz statue to protect wild claws. Dionysus, as this sight of the beautiful statue wept tears of wine, which marked remorse he had for his actions. The god of tears tinged quartz and thus created the stone we know today.


"Not drunk"

The stone was named because it has the purple color of watered-down wine. By comparison, the quartz may have a reputation to preserve drunkenness. 

"Those who believe that Amethyst with the name of the plant or gemstone have the power to drive drunk, are strangely mistaken: this name comes from their color, because they have a purple hue, similar to wine mixed with water."  (Plutarque, Banquet, liv. III, § 1 .)

Amethyst Experience

Into the time of the wine,

Sobriety or Excessiveness,

Tears of remorse for beauty.